They’re back!

It’s been a long road, but the Screaming Bloody Marys have stepped back up to the stage with a vengeance!

They were gone, but not forgotten. In early 2015 calls came in to original member Dave Dalton inquiring about the groups’ status. Among those calling were Dick Manitoba (the Dictators), members of Rancid, booking agents and record labels, including San Francisco’s Zip Records. The Screaming Bloody Marys reformed and their first gig was supporting The Dictators at a sold-out house in San Francisco’s Slims.

The band’s new album “Get off, Get Out, Get More“ is a unique and ambitious update of their now out print “Get in, Get off, Get Out” album. With original members Dave “Pops” Dalton and Juan Jesus on guitar, another SBM original Hans Hunt on bass, and updated lyrics plus additional new songs by new members Angelique X Stacy handling vocals and Greg Langston – drums and with guests such as East Bay Ray (Dead Kennedys), and Blag Dahlia (The Dwarves) the new album will be something old, some new and something altogether unforgettable.

More to come folks.

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