Fresh Blood (Cassette) 1991

FreshBlood (tape) SBMdemo(Tape)

Screaming Bloody Marys – 1991 Label: Die Laughing Records

SBMvinyl91  R-6138858-1412028437-6665.jpeg

Devil Rock – 1991 Label: Sympathy for The Record Industry


There Ain’t No Monkeys in Tobango – 1993 Label: Die Laughing


S.B.M. / Teengenerate – 1994 Label: Wallabies Records (Japan)

R-2712240-1389393651-2908.jpeg R-2712240-1389393669-6212.jpegR-2712240-1389393677-9790.jpeg

Live at Bottom of the Hill – 1995  Label: Die Laughing Records

R-3310274-1408642226-9151.jpeg R-3310274-1408642233-9085.jpegR-3310274-1408642212-9872.jpeg

S.B.M. / Derailer – 1995  Label: Smut Pedlurz Disks

R-4427213-1364578553-5559.jpeg R-4427213-1364578581-3537.jpeg R-4427213-1364578567-5073.jpeg

Get In, Get Off, Get Out – 1995 Label: Doctor Dream Records (CD)

GetIn MI0002577128 

S.B.M. vs The Candy Snatchers – 1996  Label: Frisbee Records

R-2533818-1496110488-6984.jpeg R-2533818-1496110506-3912.jpegR-2533818-1496110535-8027.jpeg

Get In, Get Off, Get Out… Get More! – 2017 Label: Die Laughing

GET! unnamed

Musica De La Revolucion – 2017 Label: Die Laughing /Zip Records

Musica unnamed unnamed

Across The Pond – 2018 Label: Die Laughing / Mordant Records

AcrossThePond 1 unnamed